Tips for Handling Negative Comments and Trolls on Social Media | Jeffbullas’s Blog

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Some of us are more sensitive than others. Make a negative comment and some people will break into tears. Some will take it on board and modify their behavior. Others will turn into an attack dog and bite right back.


If you are a business then that approach is maybe not optimal if your brand is the target of the negative comment.

In the past, customers could only complain in a fairly private manner, either via phone call, within the storefront, or by letters.

Today, many businesses have second thoughts about joining the social media world because they are afraid of the potential for negative comments. Instead of missing out on one of the best marketing tools available, businesses can be prepared to handle the negativity that is likely to come their way.

The fact is, the negativity is likely already happening, but without a presence on social media sites, these companies have no way to combat it.

Taking a proactive presence on social media will allow you to respond and have a better chance of controlling your brand image online.

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